At Tuolumne County Escrow, Inc.,

We are committed to excellence in the escrow process. We are a full service independent, locally owned escrow company specializing in Residential Sales/Refinances, REO's, Short Sales and Mobile Homes.

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We've Moved!

We have moved and reopened in our new location in the Lower Save Mart Parking lot in the heart of downtown Sonora. With our exceptional track record we look forward to serving your needs in our new larger and brighter full service office.

Why Shop Local

1. COMMUNITY WELL-BEING Locally owned businesses build strong neighborhoods by sustaining communities, linking neighbors, and by contributing more to local causes.
2. KEEPING DOLLARS IN THE LOCAL ECONOMY Your dollars spent in locally-owned businesses have three times the impact on your community as dollars spent at national chains. When shopping locally, you simultaneously create jobs, fund more city services through sales tax, invest in neighborhood improvement and promote community development.

Our Proven Track Record

Open your next escrow with Tuolumne County Escrow, sit back and relax. Our dedicated and professional staff has the technical experience and knowledge to keep track of all the details and get the job done with efficiency and accuracy in a timely manner. Our distinguished reputation for personal and highly efficient customer service is unparalleled in the industry, providing escrow services for a diverse range of clients and a variety of real estate transaction

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Naomi Jones,

President of Tuolumne County Escrow, Inc. has lived in Tuolumne County since 1982.

Jennifer Morey,

Vice President of Tuolumne County Escrow, Inc. was raised in Tuolumne County.

Our responsibilities as an escrow company include:

Following the instructions provided by the principals and/or parties to the transaction. Operate in a efficient and timely manner. Handle the funding and documents in accordance with the instructions. Paying all bills as authorized. Responding to authorized requests from the principals Closing the escrow only when all terms have fully been met. You choose the Title Insurer – We order the product.